Monday, July 26, 2010

MRI Madness

We have a big week ahead of us with this MRI scheduled for Thursday morning. 

Hurdle #1:  When to tell the boy about it. 
Hurdle #2:  No food for 6 hours before hand (so effectively none that morning). 
Hurdle #3:  Getting him into the van to go and then out at the facility. 
Hurdle #4:  What am I willing to bribe him with in order to get this done? 
Hurdle #5:  Paying the bill once it's done. 
Hurdle #6:  Dealing with the overnight hospital stay (if needed) for laser surgery! 

I guess we truly have to take this one day, step at a time. Could be over on Thursday or not. 

And once this is taken care of, there's the orthodontia issue, possible tiny hole in his ear issue and how in the heck to get his blood drawn issue (in order to figure out what's missing from his diet since he's lost weight over the summer!) 

Ahhhh with SPD, the fun never ends!

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