Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Lightening Thief gets an MRI

So this is it. MRI day. For those who think these things are easy with SPD, they would be well... wrong. 

Looking forward to it being over. We got the boy up early to make sure he ate something before the deadline of 7 am. Now he is moaning about hunger... expect that will last until we are done. He is getting close to the deadline for clear liquids as well so if I can manage to get these two kids dressed, we are going to the store for some Gatorade (one of his favorites) to tide him over until the 11 am deadline for that. 

I found a play date for the girl (thank goodness I don't have to deal with that as well). 

I've already contacted the radiology department since they mentioned something about an IV. My immediate thought, "Are you kidding me? There is no way you are gonna get that to happen unless the boy is O*U*T!" Luckily that is the plan. 

So most children would just breath in the sedation and fall asleep and wake when the procedure is over no worse for wear but maybe a bit groggy and/or queasy-ish... my boy remembers the way it felt from having his tubes put in and likens it to slow death! Great that makes things easy now doesn't it?! Asking your child to relive the feeling of a slow death... nice. 

So... I called radiology and they said there is an option of pre-sedation that brings on a pseudo amnesia (scary thought). Of course they mentioned it tastes nasty... how's that gonna work...  but they did say it is a small amount and they can squirt it in his mouth... so hopefully with a tight hold (if need be) we can make this work. 

I positioned it to the boy that this was a great thing. Take this quick tiny bit of medicine and you won't even remember the slow feeling of death! (Gosh... let's hope his desire to get this over with and get to eat can win against the forces of neurological messaging!) 

I guess it is appropos that we are watching The Lightening Thief... epic battle of wills! 

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