Monday, May 24, 2010

Sorting out Sensory Processing Disorder

From very early on, it was obvious that our first born was reticent about ... well... many things. To be more accurate, he is uncomfortable with many textures, the feeling of certain substances and doing some activities. 

Unlike our 2nd born, who forms mudpies with her hands, jumps into puddles and leaves the remains of creative projects and other messes trailing behind her wherever she goes, our boy generally prefers to stay clean although he also avoids getting his hair washed. 

The girl loves to swim. He would rather do something on dry land. She picks up worms and snails with her bare hands, he heads the other direction and is fearful of bees, bugs, even ants.

Her hug is a force of nature that can knock you down and more often than not inflicts pain, he has low muscle tone and feels pain far more acutely than the rest of us. 

The one firm definitive diagnosis we know is Sensory Processing Disorder and every day we are learning just what that means and just how we can help. 

I hope if you are interested, you will learn a thing or two that is helpful here. I hope I can enlighten someone to information that just might help their child or even themselves. But mostly, I'm just a Mama living every day figuring out how to best support my child (or any child) with their own unique sensory issues and abilities. 

Welcome to our journey.

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