Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dissing Disabilities

I've only just started this blog and I'm already feeling an overwhelming need to change the title in some way. I love the play on words with "Sense and Sensibility" but I keep cringing at the DisABILITIES. I thought the emphasis on abilities might be enough but now I'm not so sure.

Earlier this week, I was reading tweets from a mother contact of mine in New York, the lovely Marianne Russo of The Coffee Klatch, an interactive forum on Blog Talk Radio and Twitter. It is a great resource, bringing you expert guests including award winning authors, doctors, psychologists, advocates and representatives from the world's most respected children's organizations. We feature daily topics for all disabilities both physical and emotional. I mention Marianne because she recently RAVED about a book called "Neurodiversity," by Thomas Armstrong, PhD.From the website description:
"...Armstrong (7 Kinds of Smart), an educational consultant turned author, argues that there is no normal brain or normal mental capability and that we are making a serious mistake in assuming that the kinds of differences we see in people with conditions like autism or dyslexia involve only deficits. People with these conditions also have strengths, he emphasizes, and by focusing on these, rather than on the labels, we can find the modes of learning and living that can help them thrive..."
We, as a society, label people who don't fit our "norm" as disabled. They are to be more politically-correct, differently abled. I don't consider my son to be disabled although his sensory processing issues cause him difficulties at times and keep him from readily doing things other casually do.

And so... I am thinking already about changing the name of this blog... And even though I have probably 1 or 2 readers (maybe), I'm already asking for some input. I'd love to keep the idea or pun or play on words if you will... Sensory and Sensing Differing Abilities maybe? Too wordy? Something else that just isn't coming to me?

I want to honor the differences that my son experiences in life the way he lives it. I want to honor all the differences that come with senses that process the world in a different way, the challenges that come with that and other differing abilities whatever they may turn out to be.

Thoughts and ideas so completely welcome!


  1. Wow, excellent idea Sue. We truly need this type of thought processing. I have to admit the title put me on the instant offensive (why is that?). I am going to ponder this with a cup of coffee in the morning (true morning person). SW

  2. Wow! Thanks for joining the thought process... I now what you mean... disabilities... problematic word. My son has SPD and likely a genetic disorder so I'm trying to make it broader because no doubt there are other things at play and issues to be discussed... someone suggested challenges but that doesn't really work well here... I welcome your thoughts SW!

  3. How about Sense and SenseABILITIES?
    By the way I really like the picture.

  4. Glady, thanks for your comment. Glad you like the picture. I love taking them. I have also thought about Sense or Sensory & SenseABILITIES? I was hoping to however get at a broader issue... since my son likely has a genetic disorder which has caused the sensory etc. but not sure I can do all that in one title.